What are the fees for waste oil?

What are the fees for waste oil?

Are you a professional user and would you like to receive a premium for waste oil?
Professional users who have small amounts of oil collected are entitled to compensation.
Discover the conditions.

Conditions for the premium for waste oil

  • You are a professional user of oil (garage owner, company, etc.) and you have your waste oil collected on Belgian territory
  • You have up to 3.500 litres of waste oil collected annually (via one or more collections)
  • You have your waste oil collected by a certified Valorlub collector
  • the type of waste oil falls within the scope of the take-back obligation
  • the waste oil is of good quality (< 10% water) and is not mixed with PCBs, water, solvents, cleaning agents, animal or vegetable oils, detergents, brake fluids, fuels and other hazardous waste
  • Valorlub does not pay any fees for the collection of transformer oil
  • There is no intervention when the waste oil is collected free of charge or for a fee
  • A maximum of one premium is paid per environmental permit.

Amount of the premium

The fixed fee for collections in 2023 is:

  • from 0 to 1.000 liters: 165 euro
  • from 1.001 to 3.500 liters: 180 euro

What do you need to do to receive your premium?

You don't have to do anything yourself. It is your collector who annually passes on your data to Valorlub. You log in to our website with your unique code that you receive from Valorlub during April of the year following the year of collection and Valorlub will take care of the payment of your premium.

When will you receive your recycling premium?

The fees related to collections in 2024 will be paid by Valorlub in 2025.

Important for your accounting …

  • The Valorlub premiums are subsidies and are therefore free of VAT
  • You do not need to send invoices and you do not receive a credit note
  • You book your compensation on a 74-account (other operating income)

List of collectors

Neither Valorlub, nor your oil supplier are approved or licensed to collect used oil themselves. Click here for the list of collectors.


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