About <strong>Valorlub</strong>

About Valorlub

Would you like to know more about Valorlub, the management body for the acceptance obligation for used oil? Get to know our organisation here. Find out everything about Valorlub and their activities concerning used oil.

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Mission of Valorlub

It is Valorlub's mission to comply with all provisions, obligations and objectives derived from the MBOs.

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<strong>Mission</strong> of Valorlub


Valorlub informs consumers and the business world and raises their awareness about the recycling of waste oil. Here you will find Valorlub's most recent campaigns for consumers, professional users, producers & importers and final sellers.



Wondering about which companies are participating in the Valorlub system for recycling used oil? Download the list of participating companies here. Today, almost 200 companies are participating in the Valorlub system for recycling used oil.

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Organisations and useful links

Are you looking for organisations and federations that, like Valorlub, are closely involved in the recycling of waste oil? On the page Organisations and useful links you will find an overview of all the different organisations that are members of Valorlub, regional administrations, approved bodies and federations of environmental companies.

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Biodegradable oil

Take care of the environment, use biodegradable oil.

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<strong>Biodegradable</strong> oil
<strong>Facts</strong> and <strong>figures</strong>

Facts and figures

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