No obligatory take-back of waste oil

Unlike most other waste streams, lubricant final sellers are not required to accept the used lubricating oil from their customers. This is also the case for brokers and producers or importers who sell lubricating oil to a final seller.

This is because the sectors involved and Valorlub have concluded 'environmental policy agreements' with the regional authorities. It has been agreed with the regional authorities that Valorlub will avail itself of container parks for the free collection of used oil from consumers.

Obligation of final sellers to provide information

As a final seller, you have an important obligation: you must put up a notice in a clearly visible place at each of your points of sale about how your customers should handle used lubricating oil.

That is why Valorlub developed special communication material for end sellers. This communication material guides the consumer to the container park, where they can return their used lubricating oil free of charge. The material is free of charge and easy to order.

Receive the free communication material

Ordering communication material

End seller of lubricating oil? Then you must inform your customers and raise their awareness about the use of waste oil. Order your communication material (brochures, posters, etc.) for free.

Order communication material
Ordering <strong>communication material</strong>
Questions about the recycling of waste oil.


Other facts
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