Production & import of lubricating oil: <strong>legal obligations</strong>

Production & import of lubricating oil: legal obligations

Importer or producer of lubricating oil in Belgium? And do you want to know more about the legislation? Consult the legal obligations that apply to producers and importers of lubricating oil in the 3 regions (Flanders, Walloon Region and Brussels-Capital Region) and Europe.

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Inform customers

Final sellers who sell oil from the participants in the Valorlub system must inform their customers in a clearly visible place how to handle their used oil. Valorlub has designed communication material for this that is available free of charge to the final seller and can be ordered via our website. In this way, final sellers of oil no longer have to take back used oil from their customers.

<strong>Acceptance obligation</strong>, what is it?

Acceptance obligation, what is it?

The acceptance obligation means that you must collect and recycle the oil that you place on the market at your own expense. As an importer or producer you also have other legal obligations. For example, you must provide evidence of the recorded collection and processing percentages as well as raising awareness among users of oil. Fortunately, Valorlub can help you with this.

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Why a contribution to the import and production of oil?

As a producer and/or importer of oil you pay an annual contribution to Valorlub. This contribution depends on the quantities and type of oil that you place on the Belgian market. The contribution serves to finance the implementation of the acceptance obligation by Valorlub:

  • reimbursement of the costs for the collection and processing of used oil at container parks and at companies
  • achieving the objectives set by the legislator (maximum collection, priority for regeneration and reuse, etc.)
  • raising awareness among users about handling their used oil correctly
Valorlub <strong>contributions</strong>

Valorlub contributions

Consult the rates for household oil and professional oil as they have been set for this year here.

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Why join?

Valorlub takes a tedious task off your hands.

  • With Valorlub you fulfill your acceptance obligation efficiently
  • You do not have to organise the physical return of the used oil from your customers
  • You do not have to draw up individual waste management plans for the various authorities. This is a cumbersome and labour-intensive task if you have to do it yourself.
  • You do not have to collect evidence of recycling
  • The professional Valorlub team will help you with free advice when preparing your declaration

What guarantees does the Valorlub system offer?

  • You comply with your legal obligations, thus avoiding fines
  • You benefit from a flexible and clear system that is approved by the regions and sectoral federations concerned through environmental policy agreements
  • The costs are easy to budget for

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Why <strong>join?</strong>
<strong>Individually</strong> or via <strong>Valorlub</strong>

Individually or via Valorlub

As a producer or importer you can meet your legal obligations individually. You can also join Valorlub. As a collective system, Valorlub implements the terms and conditions of the acceptance obligation of its participants. In this way, those participants comply with their legal obligations and the oil sellers no longer have to accept used oil from their customers.

Joining Valorlub

Annual Valorlub declaration

Would you like to submit your annual declaration of lubricating oil as a producer or importer? Find out all the information about completing the annual declaration at Valorlub.

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Annual Valorlub <strong>declaration</strong>
Questions about the recycling of waste oil.


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