Production & import of lubricating oil: legal obligations

Production & import of lubricating oil: legal obligations

Importer or producer of lubricating oil in Belgium? And do you want to know more about the legislation? Consult the legal obligations that apply to producers and importers of lubricating oil in the 3 regions (Flanders, Walloon Region and Brussels-Capital Region) and Europe.



Walloon Region

Brussels Capital Region

<strong>Foreign producer</strong>: importing oil to Belgium

Foreign producer: importing oil to Belgium

If you are a foreign company that wishes to import oil into Belgium, you will invoice this oil to your Belgian customers. It is therefore your Belgian customers who are subject to a take-back obligation as importers.

However, as a foreign supplier you can take over the administrative terms and conditions of the take-back obligation from your customers in Belgium. You then join Valorlub and make an annual declaration for the quantities of oil that you have put on the Belgian market.

In any case, your Belgian customer remains subject to the take-back obligation as an importer. Your Belgian customers must then be able to demonstrate to the regional authorities that the oil they import, which they sell or consume in Belgium, has been declared by the foreign supplier. To this end, they must mandate their foreign supplier via a “mandate form”.


  • The regulations in the three Regions take into account Directive 2008/98/EC (PDF) of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives, amended by the Directive (EU) 2018/851 (PDF) of the european parliament and of the council of 30 May 2018. This Directive requires that waste oil must be managed in accordance with the priority order of the waste hierarchy and preference should be given to options that deliver the best overall environmental outcome.
  • The separate collection of used oil remains crucial to the proper management thereof and the prevention of damage to the environment from improper disposal.
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