Acceptance obligation importer and oil products

Acceptance obligation importer & products of oil

Are you a producer or importer of oil, in canisters, barrels, bulk or as an integral part of a finished product (e.g. a vehicle)? Then you are subject to the “acceptance obligation”. But what does that actually mean?


What does the take-back obligation entail?

With the introduction of the take-back obligation, the regional authorities place the responsibility for the organisation and financing of the collection and processing of used oil on producers and importers of oil. In addition, they must furnish proof of the collection and processing percentages they have recorded and also raise awareness among oil users.

How do you fulfil the <strong>take-back obligation</strong> as a producer or importer?

How do you fulfil the take-back obligation as a producer or importer?

Producers and importers can meet their legal obligations individually or join Valorlub, which as a collective system implements the terms and conditions of the take-back obligation of its participants. In this way, they comply with their legal obligations and oil sellers no longer have to accept used oil from their customers.

End sellers who sell oil from the participants to the Valorlub system must inform their customers in a clearly visible place how to handle their used oil. Valorlub has designed communication material for this that is available free of charge to the end seller and can be ordered via our website. For example, end sellers of oil no longer have to take back used oil from their customers.

Waste oil take-back obligation list

The return of waste oil or take-back obligation does not apply to all waste oil. In concrete terms, this means that you must pay a contribution for certain oil but none at all for others. Discover what does and does not fall within the scope of application on this page.
If you have any doubts about the take-back obligation or payment of the Valorlub contribution, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone (02/456 84 52).

You pay a <strong>contribution</strong> to Valorlub

You pay a contribution to Valorlub

  • If you produce oil in Belgium and sell it in Belgium
  • If you import and sell oil in Belgium
  • If you sell oil in Belgium under your own brand name, even if you have purchased this oil from a Belgian supplier. A company that sells oil under its own brand name is deemed a “Producer” by regional regulations.
  • If you buy motor oil in bulk and repackage it in household packaging and sell it under your own brand in Belgium, you pay the household contribution for this, regardless of whether you bought the oil from a Belgian supplier or imported it yourself.
  • If you import oil for your own use

Also all lubricants intended for factory filling (first fill) and where the lubricant is an integral part of the finished product must be declared. Oil imported into Belgium as an integral part of a finished product (vehicle, tool, transformer, etc.) must also be declared.

You do not pay a contribution to Valorlub

  • for oil that you produce or import and export
  • for oil that you produce or import for third parties (private label). In this case, the brand name of your customer is on the packaging and your customer pays the contribution to Valorlub
  • For oil delivered to maritime shipping and Rhine and Inland Navigation

For the exact scope of the take-back obligation for used oil, please refer to the definitions and Europalub classifications.

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