<strong>Collection points</strong> oil in Belgium

Collection points oil in Belgium

Find out where you can bring your used lubricating oil in for free recycling. Collectors collect the oil there for further processing and recycling of your used oil into new oil.

Bring in waste oil for free

How to return waste oil?

What you should NOT do:

  • less in sewers or in the soil
  • mixing, e.g. with PCBs, water, solvents, detergents, animal or vegetable oils, detergents, brake fluids, fuels and other wastes

What to do:

  • maintain the original lubricating oil packaging and pour the waste oil back in afterwards or pour the waste oil into another clean container
  • bring the used oil to the container park
Tips for returning oil
<strong>How</strong> to return waste oil?
Questions about the recycling of waste oil.


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