What you need to do

What you need to do

  • Always keep your used oil in a container that meets all legal requirements
  • Always keep your used oil separate from other waste products
  • Always use a waste oil collector who is approved by the regional authorities
  • Create your mandatory waste materials register and put it at the disposal of the regional authorities

What you should not do

  • Discharge used oil into, for example, sewers, waterways or the soil
  • Incinerate used oil, unless you have a licensed installation/furnace to do so
  • Mix used oil, for example with PCBs, water, solvents, cleaning agents, animal or vegetable oils, detergents, brake fluids, fuels and other waste materials

Have waste oil collected or returned?

Professionals can have their oil collected by an approved collector. Under certain conditions, you can receive an oil recycling premium yourself. As a private individual, you can hand in your oil for free at a container park or collection point.

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