How to return waste oil?

How to return waste oil?


  • Keep the empty oil container
  • Pour the oil back into the original packaging
  • Do the packaging with waste oil to a container park or collection point

What you should do

  • Keep the original lubricating oil container and pour the used lubricating oil back in afterwards or pour the used lubricating oil into another, clean container.
  • Take the used lubricating oil to the container parks, municipal collection points or oil disposal banks - some municipalities collect the used lubricating oil, door-to-door or per district

what you should not do

  • Discharge used lubricating oil into sewers or into the soil
  • Mix used lubricating oil, for example with PCBs, water, solvents, cleaning agents, animal or vegetable oils, detergents, brake fluids, fuels and other waste materials
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