Return waste oil free of charge?

Return oil free of charge?
Find a container park or other collection point.

Wondering where you can take waste oil? For the collection of used (lubricating) oil, Valorlub is working together with the municipalities and intermunicipal waste associations. Their collection channels are the most suitable for collecting these waste materials in an environmentally friendly manner. It is also a guarantee of correct processing and maximum recycling of waste oil.

Enter your postcode and find out where you can take your used lubricating oil free of charge for recycling.


Recyparc de Tournai I

Rue d'Amiens
7500 Tournai
Opening hours

Recyparc de Tournai II

Rue Jean-Baptiste Moens
7500 Tournai
Opening hours

Recyparc de Tournai III

Chaussée de Renaix
7540 Kain
Opening hours

Recyparc de Ath

Route de Flobecq
7801 Ath
Opening hours

Recyparc de Beloeil

Rue Sarrazin
7972 Quevaucamps
Opening hours

Recyparc de Bernissart

Zoning Industriel d'Harchies
7320 Bernissart
Opening hours

Recyparc d'Antoing/Brunehaut

Rue du Marais 762
7620 Brunehaut
Opening hours

Recyparc de Celles

Rue du Becquereau
7760 Celles
Opening hours

Recyparc de Chièvres

Rue de Leuze
7950 Chievres
Opening hours

Recyclagepark Komen-Waasten

7784 Waasten
Opening hours

Recyparc de Ellezelles

Chaussée de Brunehaut
7890 Ellezelles
Opening hours

Recyclagepark Edingen

Zoning Industriel, avenue du Commerce
7850 Edingen
Opening hours

Recyparc d'Estaimpuis

Rue de Luna 14
7730 Estaimpuis
Opening hours

Recyparc de Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing

Route de Moustier
7910 Frasnes-lez-Anvaing
Opening hours

Containerparl Lessen

Zoning Industriel, avenue des Prairies
7860 Lessines
Opening hours

Recyparc de Leuze-en-Hainaut

Chemin d'Hacquemont
7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut
Opening hours

Recyparc de Mouscron I

Rue de Rollegem
7700 Mouscron
Opening hours

Recyparc de Dottignies - Mouscron II

Boulevard du Bois Jacquet
7700 Dottignies
Opening hours

Recyparc de Mouscron III

Avenue Mozart
7700 Mouscron
Opening hours

Recyparc de Peruwelz

Rue des Chaufours
7600 Peruwelz
Opening hours

Recyparc de Rumes

Rue de la Digue
7618 Taintignies
Opening hours

Recyclagepark Opzullik

Rue de la Nouvelle Gare
7830 Opzullik
Opening hours

Do you have a VAT number?

Companies or professionals cannot go to a container park. They must use approved collectors. In certain cases, you can receive a premium. Consult the list of approved waste oil collectors (PDF).

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